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About Crest


Commercial Full-Service HVAC, Plumbing and Fire Protection
Founded in 1964, Crest Mechanical Services is a family owned 3rd generation mechanical contractor, assisting general contractors and facility owners with commercial projects anywhere in Connecticut. Crest offers services that include ductwork fabrication, piping, welding, metal fabrication, HVAC controls, plumbing, and fire sprinkler work. 

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Green Energy

Crest Mechanical has concentrated on two sources of Green Energy:



Crest designs and builds solar energy systems with both flat plate and evacuated glass tube type collectors for domestic hot water and space heating augmentation.  We design and construct the structural frames that support the collectors.  Current tax incentives on solar energy significantly reduce payback in the investment of these systems.


Utilization of water source heat pumps and constant underground temperature to provide heating and cooling for space conditioning can be extremely efficient.  Underground exterior piping and interior ductwork deliver the captured heating and cooling to a interior space with maximum efficiency.


Looking for Help with Your Upcoming Construction Project?

Crest is happy to help with any of your HVAC, ductwork, plumbing, piping, fire protection, electrical, and energy-saving needs.

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