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List of Services

Crest has an expert service team built to maintain and repair all types of commercial HVAC equipment. We offer 24-hour emergency service for existing maintenance/install customers as well as regular day-time service for all commercial, retail and institutional facilities throughout CT.


Plumbing Services

- Domestic Hot Water Systems

- Backflow Preventer Installation & Testing

- Medical Gas repairs & Certifications

- Piping Repairs & Replacement

 Mechanical Services

- Rooftop Units, packaged systems and Air handler service & maintenance

- Chiller & Cooling Tower Service and maintenance

- Pump service and maintenance

- Boiler service and maintenance

- Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) service and maintenance

- Piping Repairs

- HVAC Controls testing and repairs

- Ventilation Equipment & Ductwork repairs


Fire Protection Services

- Backflow Preventer Testing

- Piping Repairs

- Sprinkler Head Replacements



We have state of Connecticut certified Backflow Preventer testing

technicians to aid with yearly required testing of plumbing and sprinkler

backflow devices. Call for service rates and quotes. 

Looking for Help with Your Upcoming Construction Project?

Crest is happy to help with any of your HVAC, ductwork, plumbing, piping, fire protection, electrical, and energy-saving needs.

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